Below is a comparison of the Rainbow Clubhouse -vs- Monster Clubhouse Playsets. In the photos below, you will find details that make it easier to see the differences between these playset Series. You will also find additional awesome information below to help you select your favorite playset for your family.

Step #1: Compare Height & Deck Size

Rainbow deck

Rainbow Clubhouse has a 5.8′ deck height and a 5.2 x 5.2‘ size deck space for 27 SF of play. The Rainbow is a little shorter and smaller than the Monster Clubhouse. This keeps the price lower.

Monster Clubhouse

Monster Clubhouse has a 6′ deck height and a 5.2 x 7.8‘ sized deck space for more play space totaling 40 SF. The Monster is taller and has a much larger deck/play area. This means a few extra years of sleepovers up in the fort! This also makes your rockwall, ladder and swingbeam height taller and thicker.

Step #2: Compare Rockwall

Rainbow Rockwall

Rainbow Clubhouse has a smaller 4 x 4” Rockwall with (16) Rocks. This keeps the price lower.

Monster Clubhouse has a larger 4 x 6” Rockwall with (24) Rocks. Your support beams that hold the rockwall together are 33% thicker. This adds to the beefiness in construction of the Monster Clubhouse Series and offers more play for your children to play.

Step #3: Compare Swingbeam, Headbeam & A-Frame Legs

Rainbow frame

Rainbow Clubhouse has a 9′ tall Swingbeam with 4×4” A-Frame Legs and 4×6” Swing Hangers. This keeps the price lower.

Monster Clubhouse has a 9.25′ tall Swingbeam with 4×6” A-Frame Legs and 4×10” Swing Hangers. The a-frame legs are 33% thicker, and the swingbeam itself is almost twice as thick when compared to Monster and below.

Step #4: Compare Ladder & Handles

Rainbow Ladder

Rainbow Clubhouse has a 4 x 4” ladder with 36” Handles. This keeps the price lower.

Monster ladder

Monster Clubhouse has a 4 x 6” ladder with 72” Handles. This makes the ladder stronger & more-sturdy.

Step #5: Compare Wood Roofs

Rainbow wooden roof

Rainbow Clubhouse offers a 5x 5′ Wood Roof with (2) Gable Fans. This keeps the price lower.

Monster Clubhouse offers a 5.2 x 7.8′ Double Gable Wood Roof with (4) Gable Fans. This is by far the most aesthetically pleasing wooden roof that is offered. This is not offer extra support, it is purely a visual bonus.

Step #6: Compare Add-on Ability

Rainbow Clubhouse has (6)’ openings to add-on fun options either now or in the future. This keeps the price lower.

Rainbow Adds

Monster Clubhouse has up to (10)’ openings to add-on fun options either now or in the future. This allows you to make tons of different combinations of accessories at the time of purchase, or it allows you add on as time goes by so your playground can “grow up” with your children!

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