Below is a comparison of the Circus Clubhouse Series -vs- Sunshine Clubhouse Series. In the photos below, you will find details that make it easier to see the differences between these playset Series. You will also find additional awesome information below to help you select your favorite playset for your family.

Step #1: Compare Headroom

Circus Construction

Circus Clubhouse has 6′ of headroom when you stand up inside the fort. This keeps the price lower.

Sunshine Clubhouse

Sunshine Clubhouse has 7′ of headroom when you stand up inside the fort. This helps adults who like to play in the fort too!

Step #2: Compare Rockwall

Circus Rockwall

Circus Clubhouse has smaller wood construction, so it is less expensive.  * Notice the rock wall boards are screwed in from the top of the Rock Wall boards?

sunshine wall

Sunshine Clubhouse Rockwall is 25% bigger and has thicker wood construction and has 25% more Rocks to Climb.  * Notice the rockwall boards are sandwiched in between the 4×4’s.

Step #3: Compare Picnic Table & Sandbox Boards

Circus Clubhouse has a thinner picnic table and smaller sandbox boards at the bottom of the fort. This keeps the price lower.

Sunshine Picnic

Sunshine Clubhouse has a thicker picnic table and taller & thicker sandbox boards at the bottom of the fort. This allows for adults to hang out more comfortably and adds to the beefiness of the Sunshine construction.

Step #4: Compare Deck Boards & Rail Panels

Circus Clubhouse has smaller construction on the wooden Deck Boards and Safety Slatted Panels.

Sunshine Boards

Sunshine Clubhouse has 25% thicker deck boards which are fastened from the bottom, instead of the top. The Safety Panels are Spindles.

Step #5: Compare Ladder Construction

Circus Clubhouse ladder has thinner sides going up the ladder and are made with 2×4″ construction.

Sunshine Ladder

Sunshine Clubhouse ladder has thicker sides going up the ladder and are made with 4×4″ construction.

Step #6: Compare Swingbeam Height

Circus Construction

Circus Clubhouse has a 8′ tall Swingbeam. This keeps the price lower.

Sunshine Clubhouse

Sunshine Clubhouse has a 8.5′ tall Swingbeam. This helps you swing higher.

Step #7: Compare Construction

  1. Circus Clubhouse Series -vs- Sunshine Clubhouse Series
  2. They look the same, don’t they?
  3. It is hard to tell, so let us point out some of the differences for you.
  4. The Sunshine Clubhouse’s fort is 10% larger, the deck height is 2” taller and has 12” more headroom upstairs inside the fort.
  5. The Sunshine Clubhouse has 25% thicker main beam construction and has 25% larger diameter hardware.
  6. The Sunshine Clubhouse has 200% thicker baseboards and 50% more structural Uprights.
  7. The Sunshine Clubhouse has 100% thicker Wood Step Ladder and 25% thicker Fascia Boards.
  8. The Sunshine Clubhouse’s Picnic Table has a 200% thicker construction.
  9. The Sunshine Clubhouse have Premium Plastisol Dipped Steel Safety Handles, Grab n Go Bar, Climbing Rungs, Swingbeam Plate & Brackets -vs- these items on the Carnival Series smaller and are Plastic Dipped.
  10. Both Playset Series allow for future add-on ability as shown below.

Compare Series

They look the same, don’t they? Below we will show you how they are different.

3 Step Design Process Catalog


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