Financing Available

Choose 0% Financing or Free Layaway for the Holidays!

0% Financing Available

Rate: 0.00%
Term: 6, 9, or 12 months

How it works...

  1. Select the product you would like to finance. 
  2. Call or Visit Playground King at (813) 875-5500 to place your order and apply for financing over the phone or in person.
  3. Simple, fast and easy!


Layaway Available 

Layaway is a great choice for customers who would like to take advantage of a special offer or price and are not necessarily ready to take delivery of their purchase right away.
Or, sometimes a tight budget requires the purchaser to need a little more time to complete their purchase. And some customers just plain do not like financing!
Layaway from Playground King is easy!

How it works....
1. $200 down-payment
2. Select the end-date that you would like to have your purchase installed.
3. Make monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly payments (you choose), until just before your scheduled installation date.

1. Refundable if it doesn't work out.
2. No fees.
3. Select payments that work for you.
4. Secure a Sale that you would have missed.
5. No Credit Check.



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