Why Goalrilla Basketball Hoops?

Why Goalrilla?

Every Goalrilla System – PLAYS LIKE AN ARENA SYSTEM, WITHSTANDS THE ELEMENTS, AND CAN BE RELOCATED TO A NEW HOME. How does Goalrilla achieve this in each and every one of its basketball systems? We integrate the same advanced technology in every Goalrilla. No other system on the planet can match Goalrilla’s unique engineering. Below are the key features that every Goalrilla basketball unit has in common. At Goalrilla, from top to bottom, we never compromise when we’re building THE TOUGHEST BASKETBALL SYSTEMS ON THE PLANET.

Adjustable from 7.5′ to 10′

All Goalrilla Basketball Hoops are adjustable from 7′ 6″ to 10″. The crank is very easy to turn, even 4 year old little ones can turn it – makes mom really happy.

Lifetime Warranty

Goalrilla offers a Lifetime Warranty on all structural components of your Goalrilla Basketball Goal. It is guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the duration of ownership by the original customer.

Direct Connect Technology

  1. The DC Series is “BEST” in the Goalrilla Lineup. (Economy / Good / Better / Best)
  2. Unlike other adjustable basketball goals which rely on the board and board frame to absorb vertical forces during play and causes stress to be applied to the glass, all vertical forces on the Goalrilla DC Series are transferred via a DIRECT CONNECTION to a 4″ steel beam – completely bypassing the backboard and its frame. It’s Goalrilla tough – beyond the strength needed for the most brutal play.
  3. Look behind the glass and you will notice a “Clear View”, (not a H-frame) that holds the backboard in place.
  4. Choose the DC 72 E1: 72″ x 42″ Backboard; 1/2″ thick tempered glass; 6″ x 8″ pole; 90 degree EZ Steel handle. Rated for High School, NCAA or NBA play.

Professional Installation

Playground King offers Delivery & Installation on all Goalrilla products within the state of Florida.

* Basketball installation is a 2 day install. On the first day, we dig the hole, pour the concrete, set the j-bolts in place and install the plate. We stop. After the concrete footer has dried, we come back and mount the basketball goal to the footer. You can play right away!

Professional Relocation

Playground King offers professional relocation of your basketball goal. Simply order a new Ground Anchor and we will install it at the new house, take the hoop down from the old house and re-install it at your new house.

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