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Name: Nicole Zizos Gulledge
Title: Owner (Sales, Marketing, Administration)
Career Overview:  I started my career in New Home Sales in the late 1980’s.  In 2001, when our son was young, we opened “Woodplay of Tampa” offering residential playsets, trampolines and basketball hoops to families with children. Ten years later, as the business grew, we moved from our original location in North Tampa to our new Indoor Store Location, just north of the BUCS Stadium. Our store and warehouse are now combined and we have grown from selling in West Central Florida to now helping families throughout the entire State of Florida.Where were you born and raised? Born in Hinsdale, IL and raised in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. I moved to Tampa, FL in 1982 to attend USF.
Hobbies:  A have a big interest in Greek  Genealogy & DNA. My mother’s roots are from Smyrna, Asia Minor. My father’s roots are from Galaxidi, Greece. I enjoy helping others find their family roots by building their family tree and assisting them in understanding their DNA results. They call me a “Greek Search Angel”. 
Most fun thing you like to do with your family or children:  I enjoy boating, collecting seashells on the beach, reading, family time and relaxing on our porch.  
What do you like most about your job / working at Playground King:  I love meeting families and helping them select the perfect Rainbow Play System for their family. This involves helping them decide which fun accessories, swings and add-ons they would like to have on their playset, ensuring it fits nicely in their yard, meets the needs of their children at their current age and ensuring that their selection fits perfectly in their budget.
What do you want to be when you grow up?  One day, when I grow up and retire, I want to be a “Sea Turtle Lady”, one who walks the beach and flags new turtle nests.

Name: Jason Gulledge
Owner (Service Manager, Logistics, Administrator)
Career Overview:  After college I worked in the sports industry in promotions and marketing with a number of NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB teams. While this was fun and energetic for the youthful me, the time had come to settle down and work locally. Living in Tampa, we decided to open a business catering to children. In 2001, we opened Woodplay of Tampa, which became Playground King as we acquired the State of Florida for Rainbow Play Systems. 
Where were you born and raised? I was born in Grand Rapids, MI. I was raised in South Carolina and Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Sports were a big part of my youth and I believe in outdoor activity.
Hobbies:  Boating, fishing, camping and exploring the State of Florida with my wife… especially when on vacation with the family in the Florida Keys!
What do you like most about your job / working at Playground King:  Hearing the chidlren get excited when they "test-play" all the cool displays in the showroom, and when we receive an email telling us how much they are enjoying their backyard now that they have a new Playset, Trampoline or Basketball Hoop!
What do you want to be when you grow up?  Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional. 

Name: Becky Vaughn
Playground Sales Specialist
Career Overview:  Mom, Pet Rescuer, Television Producer and New Home Sales Queen.
Where were you born and raised? I was born in Rome, Italy.  Lived in Winston Salem, NC and St Petersburg, FL.
Hobbies:  Gardening, traveling, horses and all my pets!
Most fun thing you like to do with your family or children: T
ravel to new places or share an adventure.
What do you like most about your job / working at Playground King:  "Helping parents select a new Playset, Trampoline or Basketball Hoop!"
What do you want to be when you grow up?  Farm Owner


Name: Jake Gulledge
Title: Part-time Installer Assistant

Career Overview:  I’ve watched my Dad and Mom work endless hours growing their playground business. When I was little, I would come to the store after school and “play” and do my homework until it was time to go home.  As the years went on, I would help my Dad in the warehouse, install the rocks on the rock walls and go to customer’s homes with my dad to perform service calls. Currently, I am a college student in Tampa, FL.
Where were you born and raised?  I was born in Ft Myers and raised Tampa, FL.
Hobbies:  Fishing, boating and golf.  
Most fun thing you like to do with your family: Boating, annual family vacation in the Florida Keys.
What do you like most about your job / working at Playground King:  Learning the Playground business.

What do you want to be when you grow up?  CEO  ;-)

The History of Playground King...


It looks like 8-year-old Jake Gulledge of Tampa may have a bright future as a business consultant. His parents, Nicole Zizos Gulledge and Jason Gulledge, have him to thank for their venture, a store offering safe, high-quality outdoor home playground equipment.

Both parents were looking for a change after successful business careers - Nicole in real estate, Jason in sports entertainment and game operations. Having a toddler son got them thinking of children's play equipment, which resonated with Nicole's New-Home Sales background as well as with Jason's skills as a do-it-yourself handyman. The result: Woodplay of Tampa Bay, Inc., which celebrated its grand opening on March 31, 2001.

The Indoor Showroom & Retail Store, which is located at 3744 W. Lambright St., sells several dozen different Playsets, Playhouses, Hideouts, Castles, Pirate Ship, Clubhouses and Swingsets, all made of high-quality 100% Cedar, and also carries a full line of Trampolines, Basketball Hoops, Play Homes, Rubber Mulch (recycled tires) a safety surfacing for under the playset for under the playsets. Nicole oversees sales, marketing and administration, with Jason in charge of delivery, installation, customer service, and warehousing.

The Gulledges' entrepreneurial spirit is backed up by impressive business backgrounds. Nicole has been one of the Tampa area's top real-estate figures for 17 years, most recently as director of sales and marketing for a top homebuilder. Jason - a rabid sports fan who serves as the Pirate mascot for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - is the owner of Edge Marketing, which consults for such teams as the NHL's Columbus Blue Jackets and Tampa Bay Lightning.

"The Tampa area is the perfect place for our kind of store," says Jason. "The climate allows for year-round outdoor play, there are plenty of families with children, and people who are hungry for quality playground equipment with eye-appeal that's safe for children, built to last and fun to use."
In January of 2016, Woodplay of Tampa Bay, Inc. became Playground King, Inc. Playground King now offers Rainbow Play Systems a wide variety of residential playsets, swing sets.  Rainbow Play Systems playsets are made from 100% Cedar and include a Lifetime Warranty.  Rainbow also offers a unique line of Special Order Playsets and Commerical Playground Equipment.  If you have any questions regarding why we changed manufacturers, please contact Nicole Zizos Gulledge at 813-875-5500.
To contact Jason & Nicole Gulledge, you can call Playground King at (813) 875-5500, email them at info@playgroundking.com or go to the Playground King website at www.playgroundking.com
This is a story about the Gulledge family from Entrepreneur Magazine.