How to choose Your Rainbow Playset
Let’s Get Started…

Step #1: Select Your Style: Castle or Clubhouse

Clubhouse Style

Clubhouse Series (Picnic Sets)

Most popular with children that are artistic, like crafts or painting.
Also popular for pretend play, let’s have a tea party!

View the Clubhouse Series by Rainbow Play Systems.

castle style playsets

Castle Series (Tire Swing Sets)

  • Angled Base under Fort
  • 360⁰ Tire Swing
  • For active children
  • Extra Large Canopy for extra shade
  • Jacob’s Rope Ladder
  • Unique Combo Ladder
  • Long & Skinny Layout in Yard

Very popular for active children that are constantly busy and on the go!

View the Castle Series by Rainbow Play Systems.

Step #2: Choose Fort Size: Regular or Supersized

Regular sized fort

Fort Size: Regular

  • The “Regular Size Fort” provides plenty of space for your children (and friends) to play inside your playset.
  • Most Popular Sizes are 5 x 5′ Fort or 5.2 x 7.8′ Supersized Fort shown below.

Fort Size: Supersized

  • Or, the “Supersized fort size” give you 50% more space inside your playset.
  • Supersized is Extra Fun!
  • 5.2′ x 7.5′ = play space inside your Supersized Fort.

Step #3: Select your Slide Length

Slide Length: 10′

Slide Length: 10′

Series: Fiesta, Circus & Sunshine
Deck Height: 5′ to 5.2′
Swings Height: 8′ to 8.5′
Slide Length: 10′

Very Popular!
Check out the Fiesta Series, Circus Series & Sunshine Series Playsets.

Slide Length: 10.5′ or 11.5′

Series: Circus Turbo, Rainbow & Monster
Deck Height: 5.8′ – 6′
Swings Height: 9′ – 9.25′
Slide Length: 10.5′ or 11′

Extra Popular!
Check out the Circus Turbo Series, Rainbow Series or Monster Series Playsets.

Slide Length: 14′ to 15′

Series: King Kong
Deck Height: 7.2′
Swings Height: 10′
Slide Length: 15′

Go tall with a King-Kong!
Check out the King Kong Series Playsets.

Step #4: Pick your Package

Package I

  • Pkg 1 is simply a “Play Fort + slide + no swings”.
  • Perfect for a family that just wants a fort, or has a small yard with not enough room for swings.
  • Small Yard, Spacesaver Playset or a Treehouse.

Package II

  • Pkg II is “a complete Playset with a Fort + Slide + Swings”.
  • A Package II is commonly referred to as a “Playset”.
  • This is Rainbow’s most popular package.

Package III

  • Pkg III is the same as a Pkg II, “and now adds Monkeybars”.
  • Very Popular with children Ages 4-13
  • Did you know you can add Monkeybars later when your children are older? You can add-on as your children grow.
  • Check out all of our Playsets with Monkeybars.

Package IV

  • Pkg IV “adds a Penthouse Fort “on top of the Monkeybars”.
  • Notice that the SkyBox/Penthouse can have a Bubble Window too.
  • You can add a SkyBox/Penthouse now, or later.
  • It’s also great because it now adds extra “play/deck space” to your playset without increasing the space it could take up in your yard.

Package V

  • Pkg V “adds a Spiral Tube Slide that comes out of the side of the upper Penthouse that sits on top of your monkey bars”!
  • Also notice that the Spiral slide does not extend out much past the rockwall, so you are still not needing to take up more space in your yard!
  • A lot of families really like this!
  • You can add this Spiral Slide now or later!
Double-Whammy (Mega) Style Playsets

Double-Whammy (Mega) Style Playsets

  • A Double Whammy Playset “consists of (2) Playsets connected with a Billy Goat Bridge, a Crawl Tunnel, or a Swingbeam, or a Combination of all (3) choices”
  • For example, you can connect a Castle Style Playset to a Clubhouse Style Playset so instead of choosing one or the other, you can now have both, or two of the same with different options.
  • A lot of families really like this!
  • You can even add more fun Add-Ons either now or later.
  • Check out all of our Double Whammy Playsets.

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