How to choose Your Rainbow Playset
Let's Get Started...

Step 1 – Choose Castle or Clubhouse Series?

Castle Series (Tire Swing Sets)

  • Would your children like to have a Tire Swing that turns in 360 degree circles? 
  • Very popular for active children that are constantly busy and on the go! 
  • View the Castle Series by Rainbow Play Systems.
  • Very Popular!

Clubhouse Series (Picnic Sets)

Step 2 – Choose Fort Size

Fort Size: Regular

  • The "Regular Size Fort" provides plenty of space for your children (and friends) to play inside your playset.
  • Most Popular Sizes are 5 x 5' Fort or 5.2 x 7.8' Supersized Fort shown below.

Fort Size: Supersized

  • Or, the "Supersized fort size" give you 50% more space inside your playset.
  • Supersized is Extra Fun!
  • 5.2' x 7.5' = play space inside your Supersized Fort.

Step 3 – Select your Slide Length

Slide Length: 10'

Series: Fiesta
Deck Height: 4' 10" to 5.2'
Swings Height: 8' to 8.5'
Slide Length: 10'

Very Popular! Check out the Fiesta Series Playsets.

Slide Length: 10.5' or 11'

Series: Carnival, Sunshine or Rainbow
Deck Height: 5.6'
Swings Height: 8.5'
Slide Length: 11'

Very Popular!! Check out the Carnival SeriesSunshine SeriesRainbow Series or Monster Series Playsets.

Slide Length: 15'

Series: King Kong
Deck Height: 7.2'
Swings Height: 10'
Slide Length: 15'

Go Tall!  Check out the King Kong Series Playsets.

Step 4 – Pick your Package

Package I

  • Package 1 is simply just a fort and a slide, no swings.
  • Perfect for a family that just wants a fort, maybe has no room for swings.
  • Small Yard, Spacesaver Playset or a Treehouse.

Package II

  • Package II is a complete Playset that has a Fort, Slide with Swings.
  • A Package II is commonly referred to as a "Playset".
  • This is Rainbow's most popular package.

Package III

  • Package III is the same as a Package II, and now adds Monkeybars.
  • Very Popular with chidlren Ages 4-13
  • You can add the Monkeybars now or later when your children are older.
  • Check out all of our Playsets that include Monkey Bars.

Package IV

  • Package IV adds a Penthouse Fort on top of the Monkeybars.
  • Notice that the SkyBox Penthouse can have a Bubble Window too.
  • You can add a SkyBox Penthouse now, or later.
  • It's also great because it now adds extra "deck space", or more square footage to your playset.
  • Check out all of our Rainbow Playsets that Include a Penthouse.

Package V

  • Package V adds a Spiral Tube Slide that comes out of the side of the Penthouse!
  • Also notice that the Spiral slide does not extend out much past the rockwall, so you are still not needing to take up more space in your yard!
  • A lot of families really like this!
  • You can add this Spiral Slide now or later!
  • Check out all of our Rainbow Playsets that Include a Spiral Slide.

Double-Whammy (Mega) Style Playsets

  • A Double Whammy Playset consists of (2) Playsets connected with a Billy Goat Bridge, a Crawl Tunnel, or a Swingbeam, or a Combination of all (3) Choices.
  • For example, you can connect a Castle Style Playset to a Clubhouse Style Playset so instead of choosing one or the other, you can now have both, or two of the same with different options.
  • A lot of families really like this!
  • You can even add more fun Add-Ons either now or later.
  • Check out all of our Double Whammy Playsets.

Reviews | Rainbow Play System & Playground King

Love it!

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the staff at Playground King!! They were knowledgeable and very patient with me. The quality of the swingset is great! If you are looking for a new swingset I would highly recommend them!! I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old and they play on it everyday and it was the best thing we ever bought :-)
~The Rewald Family, Tampa, FL.

Very Polite

I just want everyone to know that Nicole is one of the most polite individuals that I have ever had the pleasure to speak with. I was compelled to call back and let her know.
~Mrs. Brooks.

My family loves our new Rainbow play set!

My family loves our new play set! I had researched dozens before we found a Rainbow Play Systems at Playground King. It is well worth the money. Our Castle Playset is a beautiful compliment to our home, we can ALL play on it together and I love that it can grow with our children. I wouldn't recommend anyone else. Oh, and let me not forget to say that the staff at Playground King are the best. They helped me to put the perfect playset together. They answered all my questions and were absolutely wonderful; as was the installer. Thank-you Nicole, Becky, Nikki and Jason!!
- Dianne G.

Very helpful

Our whole experience with Playground King has been excellent. Nicole, our Rainbow dealer, could not have been more helpful – she gave us lots of suggestions as to how we could please all three children. The installation went very smoothly – and now we are thoroughly enjoying watching our boys play, climb and have a lot of fun on our Monster Clubhouse Loaded.
- Susan H. 


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