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RB Fathers Day Sale 2024

*Ask us if we have Monkey Bars, Wood Roofs or Alternate Color pkgs available to add to the playset of your choice!

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Why Buy a Rainbow

Why Rainbow Play Systems Swing Sets & Playsets?

Lifetime Warranty

Rainbow Play Systems is proud to offer you the Best Warranty in the industry with our Lifetime Warranty and Guarantee. The BEST Warranty in the Playset Industry! Rainbow Play Systems Lifetime Warranty includes all Cedar components and all Scoop Slides, Rainbow Wave Slides, Crawl Tunnels, Panel Mounts and Crow's Nests, Commercial-Grade Swing hangers, Tire Swing Swivels, Structural Bolts, Vinyl Coated Swing Beam Plate, Brackets, Handles, and Climbing Rungs are all covered in the Lifetime Warranty.

Rainbow Play Systems Lifetime Warranty

Massive Big-Beam Construction

Bigger Beams. Our redwood lumber premium grade and is hand selected for each component and dimensionally larger than our competitor’s – giving our sets greater stability. We begin with hand-selected, premium timbers that are sawn to be free of “heart center.” This promotes stability and reduces warping, twisting, or cracking. We mill our own timbers to be bigger and stronger. Rainbow beams measure up to true construction grade dimensions—we never whittle them down.

Extra Headroom

Did you know that a Rainbow Play System has a lot of Headroom? Perfect for your children, they don’t have to worry about where they are standing in the playset to watch out for the roof! Adults who like to play inside the set tell us what a big difference this makes to them.

Full Dimension Lumber

Full Dimension Lumber, definitely not thin inferior lumber. Call it beefier, it makes your playset more solid and rigid. Even dad can play!

Smooth Decks

All of our decks (and all of the wood on our playsets) are sanded smooth nice and safe for your little ones.

Safety is our top priority!

  • No protruding parts to snag loose clothing
  • No children’s swings under monkeybars
  • No conflicting play areas
  • Backyard play equipment safety guilelines are set by The American
  • Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), working with the U.S.
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Un-level Yard?

Rainbow’s Adjustable A-Frame designs makes it easy to install in an un-level yard. The A-frame legs can be moved closer together or spread further out to account for an upward or downward slope! We can even order longer A-Frame Legs for your swingset, or even a longer rockwall.  How about that?

Notched Angled Safety Braces

Notched redwood braces provide added structural support minimizing the load on hardware and reducing the frequency of maintenance. FIRM & SOLID.

Heavy-Duty Swing Hangers

Heavy-Duty Swing Hangers are a must for all Rainbow Play Systems. Even dad can swing.

Coated Swing Chains

Coated Heavy Duty Swing Chains – Feel our chains and you will see the difference. Extra heavy Plastisol coating over galvanized beefy swing chains means no pinching of little fingers, no rusting and a comfortable grip.

Heavy-duty Hardware

Strongest and Biggest Bolts. Heavy Duty Hardware adds to the Quality construction and the more through-bolts, a more rock-solid feel for superior safety and structural integrity, which also means less maintenance.

Taller Entry

All the entries into a Rainbow Play System are taller than average. This makes getting into the playset much easier. Cheaper sets have less than 20″ tall openings, making it almost impossible for larger children and adults to play. Rainbow’s 31″ tall openings are perfect for all sizes and gives your family the ability to enjoy playing for many years to come without outgrowing your playset.

ADA Accessible

Rainbow Play Systems Proudly offers a line of ADA Accessible Playgrounds, which are marked with the designated ADA Symbol.  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has established specific guidelines that must be met for a play structure to be condsidered ADA Accessible.  These guidelines ensure that the play structure is not only accessible but also usagle by individuals with disabilities.  Rainbow Play Systems is continuously striving to improve its line of play systems to ensure every child has an equal opportunity to get out and play.

100% Cedar

100% Natural Cedar

  • Rainbow Play Systems are made from 100% All-Natural Cedar that is naturally insect and decay resistant and does not need dangerous chemical pressure treating.
  • This means long-lasting performance without the need for harmful chemical treatments that many other types of wood require.
  • Rainbow Play Systems, located in Brookings, SD and distributed through distributers and dealers nationwide.

No Weight Limits

Redwood: Strongest For The Longest.

Rainbow constructs its playsets from sustainable Redwood. What makes these beautiful woods best for outdoor playsets? They are strong, dimensionally stable, and resistant to both insects and deterioration. And the exceptional strength of the woods we use make Rainbow Play Systems safe for heavyduty use and kids of all sizes (even Dad). Your Rainbow Playset will be enjoyed for years to come.

Hey Dad – Let’s have a Swinging contest!