Below is a comparison of the Monster Castle Series -vs- King Kong Castle Series Playsets. In the photos below, you will find details that make it easier to see the differences between these Playset Series. You will also find additional awesome information below to help you select your favorite playset for your family.

Step #1: Compare Deck Heights & Swingbeam Height

The Monster Castle Series has a 6′ Deck Height and a 9.25’ Swingbeam height.
King Kong Castle
The King Kong Castle Series has a 6’ Deck Height which means you have a longer slide + taller Swingbeam + taller rockwall + taller combo ladder. The fort (from the deck up) is the exact same.

Step #2: Compare Rock Walls

Monster Castle Series has a 6′ tall Rock Wall rockwall.

Monster Castle Rockwall
King Kong Castle Series has a 7′ tall Rock Wall rockwall and is more fun for older children to climb up this extra tall rockwall. This also makes the playset heavier and more substantial.

Step #3: Compare Swing Beams

Monster Castle Series Swingbeam is 9.25′ tall.
Monster Castle Swingbeam
King Kong Castle Series swing beam is 10.5′ tall, which allows for higher swinging
King Kong Castle Swing
BOTH the Monster and King Kong have the 4×4′ header on top of the 4×6′ Swingbeam.
Both have the 4×6′ A-Frame Legs/ Both have a 4×6’Crossbrace. 

Step #4: Compare Slides

Monster Castle Series has a 11.5’ Scoop Slide with a wooden base for adjustability.
Monster Castle Slide
King Kong Castle Series has a 14’ Super Scoop Slide. The longer the slide, the more fun it is. Wheee!
King Kong Castle Slide

Supersize Your Fort Size

Monster Castle Fort

BOTH the Monster Castle Series and King Kong Castle Series have the ability to upgrade from a regular sized 5.2×5.2′ Fort to a SUPER 5.2×6.8′ Fort.

King Kong Castle Fort Size

The main difference in the (2) fort sizes is that it gives you more play space up inside the fort.

Rainbow Castle vs Monster Castle

Monster vs KingKong Castle Stats


  • 12” taller deck height.
  • 225 lbs. heavier.
  • Talest Rockwall & Wood Step Chain Combo Ladder.
  • Tallest Swingbeam.
  • 2.5′ longer Slide, Rainbow’s longest slide.
  • Both Playset Series allow for future add-on ability as shown below.

3 Step Design Process Catalog


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