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Sunshade for Springfree Trampoline

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Sunshade for Springfree Trampoline

Prices vary by Trampoline Size - Call 813-875-5500 to place your order.

Features and Benefits:

• UV Protection - Added protection for kids from harmful UV rays/sunburns

• Creates Shade

• Helps kids stay cool

• Helps the mat surface stay cool

• Ideal for small children and non-jumping activities such as chalk play, reading, playing with toys etc.

• Helps reduce glare on tablet surface when playing tgoma; reduces heat on tablet

• Sizes: There is a different size Sunshade for whichever size Springfree Trampoline you have.

SP0130, SP0131, SP0133, SP0134, SP0135, SP0136, SP0132

Availability: Call for ordering options


Sunshade for Springfree Trampoline

Product Specifications:

• Material: Made from Polyester 210D with UV stabilizer

• UV Filtering: Tested to block 99.88% of UVA and 99.98% of UVB rays

• Wind Resistance: Rated to a max of 32km/h (19.9m/h)

• Rain: Drain hole in center designed to prevent water pooling

• Warranty: 1 year

• Storage: Ships in a reusable storage bag. Bag can be reused when sunshade is not in use.

• FlexrHoop and tgoma Tablet Holder can be left with the Sunshade.

• tgoma can be played with the Sunshade in place.

• When using the FlexrHoop the Sunshade can quickly be detached from the snap on fittings (approximately 1 min to remove/2 mins to replace)

• For general jumping the shade can remain in place for smaller jumpers. Taller jumpers may come into contact with the shade. However, the shade is soft and will not cause injury.

• The Sunshade is NOT weight bearing – it should be cleared of any falling debris (twigs, leaves, etc) or during periods of in climate weather such as snow or heavy rain/hail.

• The Sunshade should be removed during periods of high winds, as it may detach from the trampoline or act as a sail.

• Note: All Sunshades are the same shape (circles) but vary in diameter to fit the shapes/sizes of the trampolines.

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